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Join Andnom and discover how to simplify business management and improve productivity.

AndNom’s payroll module is a solution perfectly adapted to the legal requirements of the current CASS contributions,
(Andorran Social Security Fund). At ProgDev, we’re committed to improving the work experience, find out how AndNom facilitates payroll management, ensuring compliance with country laws and optimizing the overall process. Transform the way you manage payroll AndNom, your efficient and reliable ally.

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Meet AndNom's Desktop Software

AndNom’s software is a powerful tool that allows you to access all its functions from the comfort of your computer. Manage your business payroll efficiently and effectively with AndNom’s desktop application. It allows you to work offline, maintaining productivity without dependence on the Internet connection. AndNom’s desktop application offers an intuitive and comprehensive user experience, providing everything you need to manage your
payroll efficiently and without complications

Discover its main functions below

Direct connection with the Web application

The employee’s Web portal is designed to provide efficient internal communication, simplify processes with a platform that allows interaction between employees and the company. With this portal, workers can easily access their personal data, consult their payroll and process and consult labor aspects, t from a single, simple access point. The platform responds to the importance of simplifying personnel management and enhancing internal communication.

Discover below the main functions of the AndNom website

Check the hours bag

Manage Overtime Efficiently
AndNom’s “Hours Bag” function allows employees to accumulate and manage overtime hours accurately and efficiently, ensuring transparent working time management, complying with labor regulations.

Management of Medical Leave

AndNom simplifies the registration and tracking of employee medical leave, providing an efficient and integrated solution. This functionality allows quick and precise management of absences for health reasons, ensuring compliance with labor regulations.

Vacation Management

AndNom offers an integrated platform to manage employee vacations, making it easy to track, request absences, while ensuring compliance with company policies and labor regulations.

Organize Documents

AndNom provides a centralized solution to store and organize business documents, facilitating access, efficient management of relevant information by employees and the Human Resources department.

Management of Advances

AndNom offers efficient functionality for the management of advances, allowing accurate and transparent recording and control, simplifying settlement processes.

Signature of Bulletins

AndNom offers a digital solution for the signing of salary slips, guaranteeing an efficient and secure management of the validation process and compliance of employees with the signing of payrolls, optimizing communication and speeding up labor procedures.

AndNom in your pocket with the mobile app

Take AndNom in your pocket with our mobile app. With our App, you will get immediate access to several key functionalities of our payroll management system through the phone, providing flexibility and convenience. Manage staff payroll regardless of location. Connect with Human Resources management AndNom is always at your disposal to facilitate the payroll management of your business.

Discover below the key points of the AndNom mobile App

Request your AndNom Demo

Discover how AndNom can transform the company’s payroll management, simplifying processes and optimizing resources. With our custom demo, you’ll get the chance to dive deep into AndNom’s key functionality by watching the program in action, confirming how well it fits your specific business needs. Take this opportunity to request your demo and start optimizing payroll management, improving efficiency and boosting your company’s growth.

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