Discover Annex, our advanced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system

Annex efficiently integrates all the key areas of your business

Annex is a comprehensive business management platform. It facilitates the centralization of all relevant business information, from sales and finance to supply chain management and Human Resources. It allows you to automate repetitive processes and workflows, generate detailed reports and gain a global view of the company’s performance.

Annex becomes your strategic ally to grow your business efficiently and sustainably.

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Learn about the Annex desktop app

The Annex Software is a powerful tool, it allows access to all its functions from the comfort of the computer. With the desktop application, you get access to effectively manage business operations. Facilitating work offline, maintaining productivity regardless of the Internet connection. The Annex desktop application offers an intuitive and comprehensive user experience, providing everything you need to manage your business efficiently and effectively, without complications.

Discover its main functions below

Direct connection with the Web application

The Annex website provides a seamlessly integrated and seamless user experience.
With this connection, it makes it easy to manage worksheets and assign tasks to the team from any device with Internet access. The direct connection with the desktop application, guaranteeing a synchronization of all data in real time, ensuring access to the most up-to-date and accurate information, boosting productivity and efficiency regardless of location, facilitating more agile and effective business management .

Key points of the functions of the Annex website

Organize tasks

With the Annex web application, you can enjoy control of the team, with the organization and assignment of individual or group tasks, through the functions of the worksheets with a single click !

Create new worksheets

Quickly create and manage new worksheets by assigning different tasks to the team.

View worksheets

Check the status of tasks with tracking quickly and easily, through the Annex web application, it is not necessary to enter the Software to apply or save changes.

Annex in your pocket with the mobile app

Take Annex in your pocket with our mobile app. With the Annex App, you will get immediate access to multiple essential functionalities of our ERP system from the comfort of your phone. Manage your business from anywhere, anytime. Connect, regardless of location Annex always at your disposal to help you manage your business.

Discover its key points below

Request your Annex Demo

Discover how our ERP system can transform the management of your business. We invite you to come to our facilities to meet PROGDEV and our team of professionals where we will show you our program, you will have the opportunity to see in action all the key functionalities of Annex and how it adapts to your specific needs of your business From creating important documents to managing customers and inventory, explore the capabilities of our system, understand how it can improve your company’s productivity. Do not miss this chance,
request your Annex demo now and start the path to more efficient and effective business management.
We travel to your premises if it is more convenient for you.

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