The new era of accounting management with AccoDev

Welcome to a new era of accounting management 100% adapted to the Andorrà system

At ProgDev we have taken giant steps forward to offer a complete and customized solution for companies in Andorra. Do you need a top-notch accounting tool that perfectly fits your business requirements?
Your solution is AccoDev. Say GOODBYE to accounting errors, missed deadlines and wasted resources.
Welcome to peace of mind, and the shift to the future of fast, simple and quality accounting with AccoDev. Discover how this tool can transform your company.

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Get to know the AccoDev desktop app

AccoDev’s software is a powerful tool that allows you to access all its functions from the comfort of your computer. With the AccoDev desktop application, you will be able to manage the accounting and other financial aspects of your business efficiently and effectively. AccoDev’s desktop application offers an intuitive and comprehensive user experience, providing you with everything you need to manage your business accounting efficiently and without complications.

Discover its main functions below

Complete Settlement Management

AccoDev offers a tool to perform accounting, ledger and balance sheet entriesbones This functionality allows companies to maintain an accurate recordí s of all its financial transactions, guaranteeing the integrity and accuracy of the accounting data.

Billing Journal

With AccoDev’s invoicing journal, companies can record in detail all invoices issued and received. Facilitating the monitoring and management of commercial operations and compliance with fiscal and accounting obligations.

Government menu

AccoDev’s Government menu offers a complete solution for all needs related to the generation of government documents. This functionality allows users to generate various official documents required by the government of Andorra, tax returns, tax returns, financial reports, among others, including balance sheet models specifically designed to comply with Andorran legal requirements, such as Balance Sheet 805-A2, Balance Sheet 805-B2 and Profit and Loss. From the menu you can generate the necessary XML files for the digital presentation of these documents through the Government web portal, simplifying the tax submission process. You will be able to automatically generate the 900 IGI model.

Default Settlements

AccoDev offers the option of using default settlements to streamline recurring accounting data entry. It allows businesses to save time and minimize errors by automating repetitive accounting tasks.

Effective Portfolio Management

The complete management of payments and collections of AccoDev facilitates the monitoring and control of the company’s financial transactions. With this functionality, it allows you to efficiently manage cash flow and maintain financial healthor read

Accounting of Fixed Assets

AccoDev allows accounting or details of fixed assets, depreciation and accruals. Ensuring that companies comply with accounting and financial requirements, keeping an accurate record of their assets and liabilities.

Automation of Periodic Settlements

Automating recurring settlements in AccoDev simplifies accounting for recurring transactions. This functionality helps companies optimize their accounting processes and reduce the risk of human error.

Tracking of Subaccount Movements

AccoDev provides detailed tracking of sub-account movements, with greater control over your financial transactions. This makes it easier to identify financial trends and patterns, as well as make informed decisions.

Intelligent Reading of OCR Invoices

The function of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) The intelligent system of reading and optical recognition of invoices with the ability to convert handwritten or printed text into digital format. Speeding up data entry and minimizing errors in the accounting of documents.

Download and Reconcile Bank Transactions

Through AccoDev, users have access to download bank transactions by connecting to their bank online and can automatically import them into the system with a single click to perform efficient bank reconciliations. This advanced functionality helps ensure the accuracy of financial records by identifying and resolving discrepancies between bank movements and transactions recorded in AccoDev.

Request your AccoDev Demo

Discover how AccoDev can transform your company’s accounting management, simplifying processes and optimizing resources. With our custom demo, you will have the opportunity to see in detail the key functionalities of AccoDev in action. Take advantage of this opportunity to request your demo and start optimizing your accounting management, improving efficiency and boosting your company’s growth.

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